The Woman Who Came To Dinner

The loving bond of a girl and her grandmother is shared through their adoration of movies. Their dreams and aspirations lead to a most unexpected and unusual encounter years later.

The Woman Who Came to Dinner

The intimate, funny and true story of a Hollywood legend coming face to face with her most ardent fan.

The Woman Who Came To Dinner

When Bette Davis came for dinner – and stayed…

About the Movie -

Bette Davis surprisingly comes to a fan’s home for dinner and stays and stays and stays, and four weeks later as the hotel strike in New York drags on she’s still there!

Synopsis -

Here is the adaption of Elizabeth Fuller’s warm, candidly funny, intimate, and true story of trying to please the QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD in so adverse a condition as ordinary life.

Bette is explosive, intimidating, impatient, always entertaining, and in the midst of it all – is deeply anguished at the shock of her daughter’s recently published book, “My Mother’s Keeper”.  Bette takes over the Fullers’ home and changes all of their lives forever.

- The production is pre-qualified for 30% state incentive for filming in Connecticut, where shooting is scheduled to take place.

James T. Guyer – Producer

I’ve always enjoyed good films but never aspired to create them. It’s truly been a calling; one book changed everything. Years back, I obtained an Engineering degree from Georgia Tech.  I find it works well in most anything – quite conceptual and out-of- the- box creative thinking.  I am not making comparisons as there are none, but I take pleasure and am inspired by the fact that Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, You Can’t Take it With You, etc.) was a CalTech Chemical Engineering graduate, prior to his film life.

Nick Abdo – Line Producer

Nick Abdo is a thirty year creative professional of Motion Pictures, Television, and Interactive Media.

His start came in television as a Production Assistant on “The Odd Couple”. After four months he became Associate Producer of that show, where he remained in that capacity for the remainder of the series.

He went on to Associate Produce the first three-camera season of HAPPY DAYS and later became a producer of that series as well as LAVERNE & SHIRLEY. During Post Production, he usually handles all of the ADR and supervises the dubbing of the picture. Some of his most notable credits are “Beaches” and “Frankie and Johnny”. He was also a consultant on “Pretty Woman” where he was brought on to supervise the mix and the Director’s cut.

Nick functions as both a line producer and a creative producer. He mounts the shows, participates in hiring the key personnel, creates the initial budget and schedule, takes part in casting, and supervises the production.

As a producer, his greatest strengths are troubleshooting, and maintaining the budget. He is a particularly strong asset to new directors. Because of his creative insights, he helps guide a new director in assuring he shoots all necessary footage; and help him to make those crucial time saving decisions.

Eric Carlson – Screenwriter

Eric Carlson is a screenwriter and actor with a unique perception for screenwriting. Collectively his screenplays have won or placed in over 50 contests. Under Pressure, won the drama screenwriting category at the 2011 International Family Film Festival held at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Other screenplays have placed 2nd Place 2008 Screenplay Festival Competition, Family category; 2nd Place 2008 Red Ink Works Screenplay Competition -“an inspirational story…”; Finalist 2009 Charleston International Film Festival; and Sierra Nevada Finalist 2010 Mountain Film Festival.

Known cast for The Woman Who Came to Dinner:

- Still securing cast

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